Cap and label customization: how to place an order on P•ink

Customized crown caps

Pelliconi has developed, and patented P•ink’s flexible and quick digital printing service for the customization of small and medium batches of caps, dedicating itself to microbreweries, wineries, and soft drinks vendors.

Digital printing, now used on metal, guarantees the highest quality and graphics, fast production times, and numerous customization possibilities at a low cost.

You can access the cap and label customization service online via P•ink’s website quickly and easily.

If you have any doubts or questions about how to customize your bottles—for beer, wine, and other beverages—or how to use the P•ink shop, you can find the answers here.

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How to customize caps and labels in the P•ink shop

Let’s take a look at how, thanks to digital printing and the P•ink shop, you can enhance your brand image by customizing and distinguishing your bottles of beer, wine, cider, or other carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.

What can I customize with P•ink’s digital printing service?

With the help of Pelliconi’s online P•ink service, you can customize crown caps and labels for 33 cl, 50 cl, and 75 cl glass bottles.

In particular, the cap formats that can be customized on P•ink are:

  • 26 mm crown cap – Most popular format and typically combined with 33 cl bottles
  • 29 mm crown Cap – Larger, typically used on 50 cl and 75 cl bottles

When it comes to customizing labels for glass bottles, you can choose from:

  • Wrap-around for 33 cl bottles
  • Wrap-around for 50 or 75 cl bottles
  • Front or front/back for 33 cl bottles (rectangular or oval)
  • Front or front/back for 50 or 75 cl bottles (rectangular or oval)

The numerous options include matte or glossy finishes, barrier coated or white polypropylene paper that can be applied manually or automatically, and different types of rolls.

Can I trust the quality of the cap?

The caps sold in the P•ink shop are the same ones Pelliconi has been producing for years for the best international beverage brands and well-known retailers. In fact, Pelliconi has been producing metal caps since 1939 and now yields over 30 billion caps per year in their factories worldwide. All of P•ink’s caps are produced in Italy, in their factory located in the Abruzzo region, and their high-quality materials and food safety elements are guaranteed.

Crown caps customization: excellent quality of caps

Can I use my logo on the crown cap?

You can customize your crown caps and labels with your brand logo and any other type of graphic with the help of the P•ink’s configurator or the Graphic Support Team.

There are already many graphic options inside the configurator, allowing you to fully express your brand values and take advantage of events and holidays to promote your beer, wine, or beverage.

Remember: obtaining the rights to use an image for your cap and label customizations is your responsibility. Do not use images protected by copyright, like those of other brands. Use your imagination!

What is the minimum quantity to place an order?

With the P•ink personalization service, you can place orders of any size, including very small or very large orders and customized batches. In particular:

  • 26 mm caps – From a minimum of 100 to over 100,000 pieces per configuration.
  • 29 mm caps – From a minimum of 50 to over 70,000 pieces per configuration.

Would you like different quantities? Larger volumes or even greater graphic variability? We can help you out! Contact us and we will provide you with a personalized quote.

You can combine these caps with the following labels to give your bottle a total look:

  • Labels for 33 cl bottles (wrap-around or front and back) – From a minimum of 100 pieces to a maximum of 100,000.
  • Labels for 75 cl bottles (wrap-around and front and back) – From a minimum of 50 pieces to a maximum of 70,000.

For special requests, you can still get in touch with our team to evaluate the possibility of ordering quantities other than those just mentioned.

Customization of crown caps and labels: possibility of different graphics in a single order

Can I place a single order with different graphics for my crown caps and labels?

P•ink’s greatest benefit is the ability to order caps with different graphics at reasonable costs, thanks to the flexibility of this new technology. To get different graphics, you can insert multiple configurations in the cart, or you can contact the team via Special Requests or the contact page.

As a result, you can get an advantageous and personalized quote through two ad hoc services that allow multiple configurations and the optimization of the production process: MultiBase and MultiArt.

  1. Multi Base – With this option, you can order caps with different base colors, choosing from the 8 available colors; then you can print your logo or favorite graphic on them.

    To do this, simply fill in the form on the “Special Requests” page, choose the number and base color of the caps, and send the graphics to obtain the quotation for your customized caps in multiple colors. This process is ideal for differentiating each product and giving them their own identity.

    Do you want different base colors? Use the MultiArt option to apply a “neutral” base to the cap, then apply a background color on the top part of the cap that matches the Pantone colors you want. The result will still be great.
  2. Multi Art – With this option, it is possible to create different graphics on caps with the same base color. In addition, it also optimizes production costs.

    By choosing a single base color and applying multiple graphics to it, the production process will be more scalable, allowing you to obtain multiple graphics in the same order at a reduced price.

    Again, to access the service just send us a request through the “Special Requests” page.

You will receive the crown caps divided by color (or mixed, if you prefer), packed in protective bags, and then in FSC-certified corrugated cardboard boxes, which are about 50% recycled.

How much does it cost to order from the P•ink shop?

Ordering from the P•ink shop is very convenient since digital printing has no start-up or installation costs and doesn’t have the production times of a large industry. So, even for small orders, as well as medium and large orders, the final price is always accessible and doesn’t depend on the number of colors used. Costs vary depending on the quantity because the process of preparing the graphics and managing the order (from initial support to shipping) is the same for everyone.

​​However, P•ink’s real strength is the option to place multiple orders which, as seen above, allows you to further reduce the final cost compared to other printing technologies.

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How long will it take for my order of caps and labels to be ready?

P•ink’s digital printing technology, which has been patented by Pelliconi, has very short production times. Regardless of the type of product and the desired quantity, your order will be ready for shipment in 2 to 3 weeks once the order has been confirmed, depending on the product ordered.

Delivery times vary depending on the location (see below), but P•ink packages are always sent with fast shipping options to get to their destination quickly.

Do you have an emergency and need your custom caps in less time? Contact us and we will do our best to help you out, subject to production availability.

How to place an order in Pelliconi’s P•ink shop

Are you ready to order your own bottle caps and labels for your beer, wine, or other beverages? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about placing orders in the P•ink shop.

Ordering on P•ink’s site is quick and easy

Ordering customized caps and labels on P•ink’s site is extremely quick and easy because it’s practical and can be used independently. You have the following at your disposal:

  • A configurator with a preview of your cap and label customizations
  • The support of a constant technical and graphic team via email or Whatsapp
  • Terms of sale, shipping costs, and final quote viewable in a few clicks

Can I use my own graphics or create one with P•ink?

You can customize caps and labels with ready-made graphics or create a new one thanks to the configurator in the P•ink shop.

Using the configurator is very simple:

  • First, in the shop, you choose the base color, quantity, and material of your cap. Then you immediately see the updated price.
  • Second, you click on “Customize”.
  • Then you are taken to the configurator, where you can upload your graphics, select one of those available, or create a completely new one. The uploaded graphics and the final result will always be evaluated by our team of graphic designers, who can suggest improvements and changes to your cap and label customizations.
  • Lastly, click on add to cart and complete the order.

If you have any problems using it, do not hesitate to contact our team.

Customization of crown caps: you can see the preview of digital printing

Can I see a preview of my cap and label customizations?

From the configurator, you can see the preview of your customization in real-time while you are making it, with a 3D view as well to make the final result even clearer.

If I have difficulty with the P•ink configurator or do not know how to create my graphics, can I ask for support?

P•ink’s website has been designed and built to be intuitive and easy to navigate independently. However, our team is at your complete disposal. For any doubts, uncertainties, or support, a graphic consultancy service is always available, ready to help you correctly configure your caps and labels or respond to any doubts or special requests.

The P•ink team also always carries out a technical check before and during the creation of requested customizations. They will immediately notify you of any inconsistencies, graphic errors, or improvements, proposing the optimal solution for your cap or label.

If you have a particular request regarding quantities, shipping times, or the number of graphics you want to print, or if you have problems using the configurator, you can contact us at this link.

How can I pay for my customized products?

The payment for your order of caps and labels on P•ink is processed through:

  • Credit card
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer

The accepted international circuits are: Visa, Visa Electron, V PAY, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, and Diners.

Orders with payment by bank transfer will be handled only after receiving the payment. Our bank information:

Deliverti S.R.L.
Banca Unicredit
IBAN IT63V0200805021000104186392

Remember to select the type of tax document you need at checkout if you need the invoice for your order, and to enter all the necessary data for it.

Finally, any customs costs—depending on the shipping destination—are charged to the recipient.

Customizing crown caps: choose the shipping and payment method that best suits you

P•ink shipping

Your order is complete and ready to be sent to its destination. Here are some FAQs regarding this stage.

Does P•ink ship caps and labels worldwide?

We manufacture in Italy, but we guarantee the delivery of customized crown caps and labels worldwide.

It is important to remember that any customs costs, where applicable, are charged to the recipient.

How are my caps shipped?

Your caps are placed in a protective bag and shipped in corrugated cardboard boxes that are almost 50% recycled. In addition, all the boxes are FSC® certified, a forest management certificate that guarantees the origin of the wood-derived materials from well-managed forests, controlled sources, or recycled materials.

As soon as your order has been shipped, we will send you an email with a link and the tracking code to follow the shipment. If you have problems tracking your order, even if it has just been shipped, you can write to us via the contact form for support.

What are the shipping times?

Once your caps are ready (about 3 weeks for production), we ship them using trusted couriers worldwide.

Shipping times vary depending on the user’s choice between Express or Basic shipping. Your package will arrive in 1 to 2 working days in Italy, a minimum of 2 working days in Europe, a minimum of 5 working days in North America, Latin America, and Asia, and a minimum of 8 working days in Africa and Oceania. For details regarding specific regions and the shipping chosen, please go to this link.

For maximum transparency, we have made the shipping cost visible while looking at your order summary, which varies according to the weight of the box (or boxes), delivery location, and the type of shipping chosen (Basic or Express).


We have now given you all the answers to the frequently asked questions we receive about how to place an order on P•ink’s website, but if you still have doubts or want to clarify something, please contact us. P•ink’s team is always available.

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