Marketing strategies for craft breweries: stand out with P•ink’s customized packaging

Personalizzazione packaging: strategie di marketing per birrifici artigianali

In recent years, more and more companies have started dedicating themselves to the production of craft beer, from small businesses to more structured ones. This has led to greater competition and made it difficult for companies to emerge on the market.

On the other hand, consumers have begun to increasingly appreciate craft beers, an expression of a territory’s culture and tradition and the master brewer’s inspiration.

This means that those who buy craft beer are certainly looking for a quality product, but they are also looking for an experience, a unique story that is expressed through an excellent message.

Among the many continously increasing options available today, what makes the difference is the construction of an authentic and strong brand identity which, in the case of craft beer production or drinks more generally, greatly coincides with visual identity.

The importance of customization for craft breweries: marketing strategies

Craft breweries and the importance of marketing communication

The product’s quality is a fundamental element, but to attract consumers and grow, it is above all important to communicate in the right way. In the field of craft beer, with more and more competitors in the sector, a good marketing plan can make the difference for success.

Within the marketing communication of craft breweries and soft drinks in particular, an element assumes great importance: the packaging. This represents a “palette” for the brand, where the design of elements such as labels and caps helps to build a strong and recognizable brand identity.

Research has shown that consumers measure 3 dimensions of a brand’s authenticity:

  1. Commitment to quality
  2. Sincerity
  3. History

This means that when a consumer makes a purchase, they choose the brand that is capable of telling a story and transmitting a message that makes them feel involved.

Communication in this sector passes above all through visual attractiveness, an aspect on which craft beer producers rely heavily to stand out from the competition.

A creative name, a studied branding strategy, and refined beer flavors are the strong points that differentiate craft breweries from the big players in the sector.

Customized packaging is key to a marketing strategy for craft breweries

Packaging as the first tool for a brand’s success

While it is true that to emerge in the market you need to focus on a unique brand communication that represents the company’s history, the tool through which all this can be told is packaging.

A brewery’s visual identity starts with the definition of the packaging. In fact, packaging elements can direct attention to a beer on a shelf in a shop, on the counter of a bar or at an event thanks to a rich and engaging design.

Therefore, packaging proves to be one of the best communication tools, capable of transmitting the brand’s values and attracting consumers, since it is the real physical touchpoint between your product and the consumer.

In the case of beer, you can choose the can, which can be customized in many ways concerning the colors and graphics, or the bottle whose design alone can tell a lot about the brewery’s history, defining particular and recognizable shapes.

The bottles, in particular, offer a lot of flexibility in the design phase.

All bottles have a label and a stopper and may also have a neck label. Each of these elements presents a unique design opportunity through which you can convey your brand identity.

Packaging customization is also an opportunity for small businesses to get noticed and retain consumers who identify with the brand’s values and history.

Label customization

Label customization is not limited to the shape or the printing of the logo. The paper’s type of finish can also tell us something about the brewery’s history.

An opaque label is perfect for a historic brewery. One with a metallic finish will convey an industrial style, and one with a wood effect is suitable for breweries that value sustainability and care about nature.

Labels must adapt to all of these elements so that the product visually matches the product’s quality and the brewery’s history, and they can transmit those messages through the text and images that a passionate consumer would see to know more about you.

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Bottle cap customization

Another customizable beer bottle component is the crown cap. This element can be a powerful means of communication precisely because it is often not sufficiently valued and left neutral.

Crown cap customization is a growing trend as it has proven to be a differentiating and characterizing element for brands that want to make customization their strong and winning point.

It is also an icon: many of us used to collect the most colorful crowns when we were kids, and still in adult age, many people became expert collectors of such a small but symbolic item.

A customized crown cap allows you to:

  • Brand your beer: every bottle must have a closure and not taking advantage of this communication potential means missing an opportunity to connect with your customers
  • Give the bottle a coherent look: creating a total look, with a graphic coherence between the label and the crown cap, means creating a strong image and enhancing the brand storytelling, without leaving anything to chance
  • Communicate better on special occasions: an event, a holiday, and a special project are all occasions in which the customization of the cap contributes to customer engagement.

Also, think about the immense possibilities offered by social networks: posts with images or videos that highlight a cap’s uniqueness; or again, posts dedicated to a particular holiday that show customized caps for the occasion.

All this enriches the brand image and improves the brand’s positioning in the consumer’s mind thanks to original and creative messages.

P•ink by Pelliconi enhances your brand image thanks to digital printing

Pelliconi, always alongside the most important international players in the beverage sector, has always been characterized by an innate tendency to innovation. This trend has meant that in more than 80 years of history it has always remained a leader in the reference market.

What characterizes and distinguises Pelliconi is it’s ability to listen to requests and its sensitivity to new trends.

Given the increased demand for new customization possibilities, more flexible in terms of quantity and faster delivery times, Pelliconi has put all its experience into action to create the P•ink digital printing service.

With this new opportunity, both large players and craft breweries will be able to rely on a market leader synonymous with:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency

For the first time, P•ink is now giving this possibility even to smaller companies so they can customize their crown caps using the Pelliconi service.

Pelliconi’s crown caps meet the highest quality and food safety standards, making P•ink an unmissable opportunity for all craft breweries that want quality materials and creative opportunities.

Customizing the crown caps of your own craft beers is an excellent marketing strategy to build a strong identity

Extreme customization of crown caps

Digital printing offers new perspectives for customization and Pelliconi’s P•ink takes this concept to the extreme.

Within the site dedicated to the service, you will have access to both a wide range of pre-set and available graphics, so you can choose the one that best suits the occasion, or you can upload and edit your own custom graphics.

The only limit is creativity, since P•ink digital printing guarantees excellent performance in terms of color rendering, fidelity of the printing between one cap, and another and the possibility of creating color shades even on such a small surface.

This means that the cap can also be customized with rich, three-dimensional images, such as paintings or photos.

However, the opportunities do not end here because you can choose to give your caps a particular finish:

  • Tactile effect: to give three-dimensionality, for example, to your printed name, perceptible both to the touch and visually through the different plays of light and shadows, you can add an embossed or debossed effect
  • Matte/glossy finish: for a play of light between glossy and matte finishes, this finish is suitable for a brewery with a young and dynamic personality
  • Multiple versions of the same graphics: for those who want different effects from cap to cap even for the same graphics, there is also the possibility to vary the effects or the design by entering the names of the different beers, changing the color combinations and more
  • Puzzles or collectibles: this is a way to create engagement with the consumer, giving life to collectible caps—inspired by TV series, bands, famous phrases, etc.—or to caps that make up pieces of a larger puzzle.

Lastly, all these customizations are applicable on caps with a different background color, multiplying the possible combinations between colors, finish, and print design.

Such a wide variety of graphic opportunities, combined with the other benefits of digital printing, offers the opportunity for all producers of beer and soft drinks, from small to large, to emerge thanks to a unique communication strategy.

Customizing your crown caps will help:

  • Involve end consumers: you can do this by printing a particular image, an offer, or a fun and engaging message
  • Create virality on social networks: by inserting calls to action or customizing the caps in an original way, you can transform customers into brand advocates who promote your product online
  • Increase sales: as mentioned, customers want to feel involved and above all identify themselves with a brand, and cap customization is certainly one way to get customers to choose your product in a store
  • Measure your success: customizing the caps for a particular campaign, perhaps by inserting a QR Code that can be scanned, can also be a way to measure performance and gain additional insights on customers.
P•ink by Pelliconi digital printing service for a strong marketing strategy: delivery times

Delivery times of personalized products in just 3 weeks

P•ink digital printing, for ease of customization management compared to other printing methods such as offset, allows you to keep production and delivery times within 3 weeks.

This means being able to order customized crown caps even close to promotional events or holidays, with more precise quantities than real needs, without fear that they will not be delivered on time.

For a craft brewery, it means cost optimization. For a large company, it means the possibility of choosing from a range of services with different characteristics that adapt to different needs.

The cost of personalized packaging with P•ink depends on the amount of caps and number of graphic variations, removing constrains on minimum batch: so customize as much as you want, create several graphics combinations and choose the perfect design for your brand!

Quantity flexibility for each order

Design customization and short delivery times go hand in hand with flexibility in terms of quantities for each order.

By taking advantage of P•ink, it will also be possible to proceed with small orders, for example, for an event or a holiday. And within the same order, different designs can also be requested. Flexibility is maximum, and the customer always has control.

On the site, you can make all the changes and specifications, with a 3D view of the cap at each step in order to have a clear view of the final result.

For a maximum guarantee, a check is also carried out on what has been designed before starting production, to verify and report any errors and inconsistencies.

Quality and customization at your service with P•ink by Pelliconi

Customer satisfaction is Pelliconi’s top priority, and P•ink is offering itself as another way to guarantee it, allowing those who use it to also bring out their own brand personality through the customization of the crown caps.

In fact, cap customization is one of the methods—together with the label design—that tells the story of the beer, its personality and taste. Thanks to P•ink, even small craft breweries will be able to exploit the potential of customization to retain customers and engage them, through events, social campaigns, and special designs for the holidays or competitions.

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