Customize 26 mm and 29 mm crown caps with P•ink digital printing

Packaging personalization with the digital printing technology to customize crown caps revolutionizes the market, opening up the field to previously unimaginable possibilities.

Thanks to this innovation, Pelliconi is now ready to meet the needs of small breweries and companies that are looking for maximum creative flexibility and that want to rely a market leader’s experience.

A comparison of two technologies: offset printing vs digital printing

Offset printing vs. digital printing: a comparison of two technologies

The advent of the printing technology, now applied on metal surface such as closures, requires us to briefly examine the difference between traditional offset printing and modern digital printing in this sector:

  • Offset printing
    It requires the preparation of a metal plate, where the images used during printing is reproduced. The use of a matrix and long set-up activities for each printing, makes it a valuable method only for companies that require big quantities, and uses with production times that normally range from 6 to 8 weeks
  • Digital printing
    It does not require the use of a matrix. Instead, the image is digitally processed, allowing you to change the printed image while the work is in progress, ensuring speed and extreme customization.

With the technology patented by Pelliconi, both printing methods qualitatively guarantee excellent results, so your choice will only be based on production reasons. The technology behind each system makes them suitable for diverse projects and businesses, especially in terms of quantities required and incurred costs.

With this in mind, digital printing, although it can also be used for large-scale production, is a service that lends itself perfectly to the request for small batches since it has a more flexible production process.

There are also differences concerning the customization possibilities: the digital printing technology allows you to choose various shades of color – with no limits to how many colors you have on your graphic -, supporting any customization requirement.

Companies can now express their value and brand identity through an abundance of colors and shades, transforming packaging into a real marketing lever.

The innate tendency to innovate and the desire to respond to modern market needs have prompted Pelliconi to develop a digital printing technology applicable to 26 mm and 29 mm metal crown caps and introduce a new customization opportunity.

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The birth of P•ink: Pelliconi’s digital printing service

Pelliconi has always been attentive to innovation and, above all, sensitive to the changes taking place in its reference market, in which it is one of the most important international players.

It is with this in mind that the new digital printing technology was developed. It is a system that responds to market trends and also allows allows all beverage companies to benefit from Pelliconi’s reliability and quality.

Thanks to digital printing, it is also possible for small companies that produce craft beer to partner with Pelliconi, a world leader in cap production.

The two most significant advantages introduced in the world of crown caps by Pelliconi’s P•ink digital printing are:

  • The extreme customization of the cap
  • The ability to work on small batches
  • The quality of the printing and the color opportunities
Digital printing: maximum customization of crown caps

Extreme customization of the crown cap

Pelliconi’s P•ink takes the concept of customization to the extreme, making it possible to create unique designs for both 26 mm and 29 mm crown caps.

As a result, the caps can be used not only as part of the packaging but as a communication and promotion tool, and also for customer engagement campaigns in view of an event.

In fact, digital printing makes it possible to differentiate each cap’s design with a unique color rendering, offering chromatic shades that gives an amazing result to the beverage pack.

Being able to reproduce images rich in detail, such as paintings or photos on the top of the caps, with an excellent rendering of shades and details is an momentous opportunity to spotlight your brand identity.

Perfect for small batch printing

Thanks to P•ink digital printing, even those who own a craft brewery or have a passion for brewing their own beer now have the opportunity to rely on a market leader for the creation of their own crown caps.

The ease of customization and the low start-up costs of digital printing make it possible to work on small quantities.

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What makes Pelliconi’s P•ink digital printing unique

Pelliconi has developed a unique technology—a digital printing system capable of offering a wide range of customization possibilities, combined with flexibility regarding orders.

Thanks to Pelliconi’s P•ink digital printing, you will have:

Wide range of colors with digital printing

1. Wide range of colors

There are no limitations concerning the variety of colors; use your imagination and as much color as you want. As mentioned above, the range of available colors is practically infinite, offering many options for truly customized designs. Thanks to digital printing, all the caps will be identical in terms of print quality, without the risk of tonal variations between them.

Pelliconi also offers the possibility of choosing from a variety of basic colors, thus increasing the customization possibilities even more.

2. Wide possibility of customization

Pelliconi’s P•ink digital printing allows for a unique level of customization.

On the caps, it is possible to apply:

  1. Monochrome graphics
  2. Multicolored graphics
  3. Graphics with color nuance
  4. Pictures

The possibilities are endless, and they will help you best express your brewery or company’s brand personality.

The cost of P•ink service depends only and exclusively on the amount of caps: so customize as much as you want, create several graphics combinations and choose the perfect design for your brand!

It is possible to create monochrome or multicolored graphics, reproduce images and artistic works to best express your brewery or company’s brand personality.

In addition to the possibility of uploading your own logo or customized graphic project, you can choose from many ready-made designs or, thanks to our editor, create your own custom design from scratch!

This opportunity will make the customization phase even faster and easier even for those who do not have their own logo.

3. Special effects

The customization of the 26 mm and 29 mm crown caps is not limited to the range of colors and variety of reproducible designs.

With Pelliconi’s P•ink, you will also have the opportunity to add special effects, making your crown caps even more unique.

In fact, you can request:

  • Touch effect – Adding an embossed or debossed effect gives three-dimensionality to the cap’s customization, perceptible both to the eye, thanks to the play on light, and to the touch
  • Matte/glossy finish – A pleasant effect thanks to the contrast between the glossy and matte finishes that help define the decorative design better
  • Multiple versions of the same graphics – Possibility to use different variations from cap to cap even with the same graphics, by entering the type of beer, changing the colors, the negative image, and more
  • Puzzle or collectible – Creation of graphics that give life to puzzle pieces or collectible caps, a way to create engagement with the consumer.
Possibility of different designs within the same order with P•ink digital printing

4. Different designs within the same order

Pelliconi’s P•ink service offers absolute flexibility, which means that different designs can be requested within the same order, taking the concept of customization to the extreme.

Therefore, it will be possible to organize competitions, using personal names in the crown cap graphics, or playing with the creation of different puzzle pieces or emoticons on each cap.

5. Production and delivery in just 3 weeks

Digital printing means flexibility and fast production times.

Pelliconi’s P•ink service meets this need excellently, guaranteeing the delivery of your crown caps within only 3 weeks from the day you order them.

Very short delivery times make P•ink digital printing ideal for small businesses and those who want to organize a special event or a flash promotion tied to a holiday.

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6. Configuration and preview of the cap in 3D

The P•ink configurator is a service that allows the user maximum freedom in managing the customization, making it possible to add text, upload images, and save everything for later.

While ordering and before confirming your order on Pelliconi’s website, you will have the opportunity to create your own graphic with the editor and view a 3D preview of the 26 mm and 29 mm crown cap and even labels for your bottles.

You will be able to see a 360-degree view of the design, personally designed or chosen among those proposed by us, and a realistic rendering of your order.

We thought of this solution because we want those who choose our digital printing service to have maximum control in the design phase and a clear idea of what the finished product will be, without unwanted surprises at the time of delivery.

7. Add the label

Complete the personalized packaging for your beer with the label. Several format are available, and the personalization features and opportunities are limitless…just like the caps.

The brand identity is important, and we know that the beverage pack is one of showcases that impact the most. This is why we wanted to give a full personalization service, from bottom to top…in every way.

Several format are available, both for 33cl and 50 or 75cl bottles, different shapes, paper and features. This way you can pair your unique caps with your unique label in few clicks.

Choose P•ink digital printing: why?

Why you should choose Pelliconi’s P•ink to personalize your closures

Pelliconi has been in the cap production market since 1939 and is currently one of the international leaders and a point of reference for multinational food & beverage companies worldwide.

Therefore, having Pelliconi as your partner is synonymous with:

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Experience

It is a unique opportunity for home brewers and craft breweries that, thanks to P•ink, will have the opportunity to turn to a historic, solid, and long-lasting company for the first time.

Instead, the big beverage companies will have an additional, more flexible customization tool provided by a company who know their needs well because they have been a market leader for years.

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