P • ink, Pelliconi’s e-commerce, was created to offer the possibility of customizing crown caps. However, bottle labels are also available, in order to provide you with a complete and efficient service for the packaging of your beer or drink. And we’re not stopping there… many more products which may come in handy for you will be here soon… so stay tuned! Do you have something in mind that you’d love to find on Please tell us here.

Yes, the minimum quantity is the one that can be selected in the product sheet, and varies according to the chosen format. However, if you want smaller or different quantities, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to listen to your needs, and to meet you whenever possible.

If you have difficulty creating your configuration, first of all we suggest you click save not to lose what you have done so far. Next, try reloading the page: sometimes it could be a connection problem since our systems are cloud based. If you just can’t solve the problem or need expert support, please contact us using this form.

Of course! We have graphic designers within P•ink’s team who can definitely help you. Write to us using this form and we will be ready to listen and support you

Once the order is complete, a confirmation message will appear.
At the same time, you will receive an order confirmation email, and you will be able to see the orders you placed in your profile.

As long as you see the order in the “to be processed” status, the function to cancel the order will be available. Once the order enters the preparation phase, it will no longer be possible to cancel it.

If your order is not yet in preparation, we advise you to cancel the order and redo it, so you can effectively correct what you need.

If your order is in preparation, it means that production is already scheduled or in progress, and it will no longer be possible to make any changes.

Once your order is complete, you can change the address from your profile page until the status changes to “in preparation”.

Since these are customized products created based on personal graphics, returns are not possible. If you have a problem with the products received, you can open a claim. An assessment will be made which may lead to the withdrawal of the goods to assess whether they actually have production damage. In this case we will re-produce your customized products. All instructions are available in the conditions of use.


Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express), paypal or bank transfer.  Any customs fees will need to be paid by the recipient. We remind you that orders with payment by bank transfer will be handled only after receiving the payment. Our bank details:

Deliverti S.R.L.
Bank Unicredit
IBAN IT63V0200805021000104186392

Of course, just select the type of tax document during checkout and enter all the data necessary for billing in the appropriate fields. By placing the order, the electronic invoice will be automatically generated. If you need to receive a courtesy copy of your invoice or in case of doubts, you can contact us through the form in the contact section on the site.


The production is in Italy and we ship all over the world (unless prevented by specific shipping limitations not depending on us). Any customs fees will need to be paid by the recipient.

Yes, for almost all countries and box weights, we provide you with the option to choose between Basic and Express shipping. Delivery times also vary depending on the size/weight of the package (over 68 kg we may have to put your boxes on a pallet).

  • Italy: 1/2 working days; Sicily/Calabria/Sardinia: 2/3 working days
  • Europe + UK: Express 2 working days, Basic within 6 working days
  • United States and Canada: Express (under 68 kg) 5 working days, Express (over 68 kg) 6 working days, Basic (only under 68 kg) 10 working days
  • Latin America: Express (under 68 kg) 5 working days, Express (over 68 kg) 7 working days, Basic (only under 68 kg) 8 working days
  • Middle East/India: Express (under 68 kg) 5 working days, Express (over 68 kg) 7 working days, Basic (only under 68 kg) 7 working days
  • Asia: Express (under 68 kg) 5 working days, Express (over 68 kg) 6 working days, Basic (only under 68 kg) 7 working days
  • Africa and Oceania: Express (under 68 kg) 8 working days, Express (over 68 kg) 10 working days, Basic (only under 68 kg) 12 working days

Shipping costs vary depending on country of destination and package weight. As you know, metal and paper are rather heavy, therefore due to the considerable weight of the product, we preferred to show you the price in a transparent way, and let you choose the preferred type of shipment according to your needs. However, we are committed to provide you with the best offer among the available options. Any customs fees will need to be paid by the recipient.

On your profile page, by clicking on the order, you will find an indication if your products are in preparation, ready to leave or being shipped. Once the shipment phase begins, you may check at what point of the journey your package is through the tracking code that you’ll receive via email. You can also find it in your order.

The first thing you can do is check if your order has already left: you should have received an email informing you of the shipping, and you can check it at any time even on your profile page. If your product was actually shipped, use your tracking code received by email or on the order page to find out where your package is.. Still having problems? Please contact us here


The production is in Italy, and we produce on-demand. Once your order is received, we take action to plan the customized decoration of your caps and labels. Our production time is within 2 weeks (3 weeks in the case of the 29mm cap) after the receipt of your order,

Once produced, your caps or labels will be placed in the protective bag and/or box which will contain them. In case of multiple orders, we will prepare multiple bags or multiple boxes depending on the individual case.

Your caps are placed in a protective bag and shipped in corrugated cardboard boxes, of which almost 50% are of recycled origin. Besides, all our boxes are FSC® certified, with this being forest management certificate guaranteeing the origin of wood-derived materials from well-managed forests, controlled sources or recycled materials.

Once your order is received, we beginning planning the customization of your caps and labels in order to have them done within 2 weeks (3 weeks in the case of the 29mm cap). Once all the items you ordered have been produced, our trusted carrier will take care of picking it up and delivering it to the requested address. Delivery times depend on the option you have selected.


Decoration of caps and labels is carried out with digital printing technology based on the CMYK color decomposition model (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). This is an all-new methodology for metal caps, and one made possible by a new technology developed and patented by Pelliconi. If you want to know more, please read our blog articles.

You can upload any type of graphics: single color, multicolor logos, color shades, images or photos. You can use graphics preloaded by us and add and edit your own text.

o   Be careful not to use images protected by any rights, or which may offend or annoy someone! are solely responsible for this

o   Make sure you upload high quality images in the indicated formats: preferably vector .ai/.pdf, or “raster” jpeg/.png/.tiff images. The minimum resolution must be 600 dpi for caps, in the sizes indicated as “printable area”, and 300 pdi for labels. Attention: if there are details smaller than 0.5 mm, such graphic elements could be difficult to print, or may appear as not fully appreciable/not sharp visually.

o   If you’re experiencing issues with graphics, please contact us for support.

Definitely yes! This is one of the great advantages of the digital printing with which we decorate caps and labels. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Creating the graphics one at a time and loading them into the cart. In this case you can choose a different quantity for each graphic and they will arrive in separate bags or boxes, because we will produce them one at a time!
  2. Using the Multi-art function (up and running soon!): Choose a base cap and load more graphics. You will receive the same quantity for each graphic, and you can choose whether to receive them divided or “collated” or all mixed
  3. The last one is the Multi-base option (in operation soon!): This allows you to apply the same graphics you created on different caps of different base colors. You will find that the costs and composition possibilities are more limited than the previous option, due to the production process. You can achieve a very similar result by choosing a single base cap with the Multi-art function and applying a background color for coloring the entire “sky” of the cap, then adding your own graphics. This way you have no limitations in choosing the base color tone, with production flexibility really getting optimized through the use of digital printing technology.

Set your imagination free with monochrome or colored logos, shades of color, images or photos. One recommendation: make sure you don’t use any logos or images protected by copyrights or which may offend or annoy someone! are solely responsible for this. Another focus is due for measurements of details: any details smaller than 0.5 mm) may not be visible or sharp in the print.