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3D illustrations

Color, shades, 3D illustrations, magic effects, secret messages. The top of the cap is your playground.. the only limit is creativity!

It gives a three-dimensional effect that allows a play of light and shadow depending on how the product is viewed.


Give things a name

Why not differentiate blonde beer from red beer also thanks to the cap? Each product can have its own name and identity. This feature is called MULTI-ART, just choose a base cap and upload multiple graphics. Want to create more graphics for your caps?

Take your brand to the next level

Play with your imagination to make your packaging something truly beautiful and unique, something your customers will want to keep! You can apply the same graphics or logo on caps of different base colors: this feature is called MULTI-BASE.

Sporting Events

Every event should be accompanied by a great beer… and every beer can now have a cap dedicated to the event! What better opportunity to engage consumers on what they really love?


Collectionable, lettering and emotions

Possibilities are truly endless, even those who open the bottles can have so much fun! Make them smile, make them feel special with their names on the caps. Invite them to create messages with your caps and make them share their photos on social media! Give them an emotion by inserting emoticons or various messages on the caps. Cracking bottles open will become pure fun!

Photos & Illustrations

Don’t limit yourself to simple graphics. With digital printing, even photographs, gradient-colored images, and creative graphics with a specific font can give your brand an extra flavor.


Tactile effect

With digital printing, an unprecedented tactile effect can be achieved. With this effect, we will add ink, so that your logo or graphic emerges from the surface, or on the contrary, we can do it in negative. Configure your cap and amaze your customers by creating a sensory effect, both visual and tactile.

Matt - gloss effect

With digital printing you can get a really impactful matte gloss effect.
The metal itself is shiny and therefore ``glossy``, and the printing of your graphics will be in a full and intense color, creating a truly irresistible opaque contrast.

Examples of customization


Base Color

Choose from the base cap colors. Would you like the background color of your brand but it is not among those available? Use one of the great classics (black, white, silver, gold) and apply a “background color” from the configurator and proceed with your graphics.

Graphics: Colors and Shades

Your graphic has no limits on the number of colors, on the contrary, the more color you put the more wonderful your cap will look. You can even use a photograph and apply filters to make the image more distinctive and impactful.

Choose the shape of the text you prefer

Enter the text and give it a curved shape that follows the wave of the cap, arrange the text as you want, and choose from the many characters provided.


Tactile effect

With digital printing technology on cap, you can request a three-dimensionality, which gives a tactile effect to the cap. We’ll add ink to make your graphics look embossed. A negative relief is also possible by applying a background color and letting the logo be represented by the base color of the cap. A really interesting result…to touch!

Glossy - Matte

The notoriously shiny metal surface and your graphics created with our inks can make a nice glossy / matte effect that won’t let you take your eyes off your cap.


Every beer has its own graphics

The ability to create different graphics enables the possibility of having a different cap for each product, even if it is a limited edition.

Holidays and seasonality

You can also create the cap dedicated to the holiday of the period; Thanks Giving, Christmas, Halloween, Father’s Day, Spring, Carnival, Full Moon, and any other important holiday in your area that can give a unique value to your product for your consumers


Collaborations with sports, social or fashion events are a great constant in the world of beverages and entertainment. We invite you to create the dedicated cap to create a unique and inimitable collaboration.

  • Creating multiple versions of the same graphic

  • Collectible graphics 

  • Puzzles/mosaics


Find the differences

Don't let your cap go unnoticed anymore: make it an extension of your brand, create the access token to a magical and unique world. No more anonymous caps!

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