Rely on Pelliconi’s high-quality crown caps to make your craft beer standout

In a globalized era, a trend that has seen immense growth in recent years and goes against the tide is customization. This is possible thanks to packaging design, and campaigns like Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” or Nutella’s “Nutella sei tu” have amply demonstrated this.

So, brands – especially emerging ones – can’t ignore this trend.

Consumers are more likely to buy from companies that make them feel involved and that are able to create a direct connection with them. This is all possible thanks to the packaging.

In fact, branding and having a strong brand identity is the sum of several factors, and the care of packaging plays a fundamental role in a company’s success.

On-pack promotions, if done well, can help strengthen brand loyalty and brand identity, and customization is one of the strongest levers at the moment.

Treating packaging as a vehicle for conveying messages and marketing, and not as mere packaging, is the main way to build a lasting relationship with the consumer and gain their trust.

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Why you should choose Pelliconi’s crown caps

Pelliconi has been operating in the cap market since 1939 and has always made innovation its strong point. In the 1980s, it revolutionized the crown cap with a PVC interior, and it still stands out for its commitment to technological and product development.

Pelliconi’s continuous desire to innovate has led them to become a leader in the reference market, allowing them to cater to multinationals such as Heineken, Carlsberg, AB-Inbev, Campari, San Pellegrino, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi- co.

Pelliconi has always been committed to offering all companies:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Innovation

These characteristics are recognized by its stakeholders, and Pelliconi has been committed to developing them over the last 80 years.

High-quality materials and food approved

What undoubtedly distinguishes Pelliconi is the quality expressed not only in full compliance with cutting-edge production processes but also in the careful choice of materials.

The 26 mm crown caps personalized ideal for beer producers, since they are:

  • Available with PVC-free physical barrier seals
  • Available with Oxygen Scavenger seals
  • Compatible with pasteurization and sterilization processes
  • Available with seals with different degrees of permeability

As a result, these closures meet the highest quality standards and all regulatory requirements.

Both the 26 mm and 29 mm crown caps personalized with Pelliconi digital printing technology are also organoleptically neutral and, as a result, suitable for the closure of any drink and migration test approved for food&beverage contact. Moreover, they can be customized in many ways.

P•ink digital printing: branding with customization

Possibility of branding thanks to cap customization

Companies that rely on Pelliconi for their supply of crown caps can count on a cutting-edge service that combines the quality and safety of the above materials with a wide range of customization options.

With the help of Pelliconi’s customization services, your caps become an additional brand communication tool.

As a result, companies will stand out even more thanks to the packaging design, and their product will be more original and appealing.

To increase the possibilities of customization and also serve new companies – whether smaller or requiring greater flexibility – Pelliconi has developed the new P•ink digital printing service.

Pelliconi’s P•ink digital printing innovates the customization of crown caps

P•ink digital printing is one of Pelliconi’s new customization tools that helps them fulfill companies’ need for 26 mm and 29 mm crown caps and also bottle lables.

Since the new emerging trend is product customization, Pelliconi wanted to give its current clients more options. For this reason, they developed and patented a new technology, which now offer an innovative and promising solution, capable of serving new companies as well.

This new solution is called P•ink, and it has been developed to meet the needs of small breweries or wine producers who need to produce small batches. These companies now have a market leader they can turn to, and large companies can count on us when they require flexibility in the customization process.

With this new service, Pelliconi once again affirms its desire to help its clients be the most successful on the market.

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A new quality guaranteed technology by Pelliconi

The technological innovation of Pelliconi’s P•ink digital printing service is accompanied by the quality and reliability they can offer, thanks to more than 80 years of experience.

Pelliconi’s prerogative has always been the high-quality of their printing, colors, and materials.

Thus Pelliconi has expanded their offer in terms of customization tools, guaranteeing absolute flexibility concerning reduced quantities and delivery times, which is impossible with offset printing.

Maximum customization and flexibility

Thanks to P•ink digital printing, the customization possibilities of the 26 mm and 29 mm crown caps are practically endless.

It’s an extremely flexible printing technology that makes it possible to change the graphic layout from one cap to another in a much easier way.

Therefore, companies that choose to use the P•ink service can create different graphics even within the same order and request much smaller batches than is possible with offset printing.

Another plus of P•ink digital printing is the wide range of colors and special effects that further maximize the available creative opportunities.

Wide choice of colors

When customizing caps on the site dedicated to P•ink, companies can create different designs and thus create their own unique brand identity.

The color rendering of Pelliconi’s digital printing is absolutely faithful to the design, always yielding vivid and vibrant colors. It is also possible to request different color shades. In addition to writing or flat graphics on the caps, you can also use drawings, works of art, or portraits, and, in these cases, the various shades are indispensable.

To give you even more choices, Pelliconi also offers a range of background colors and a series of preset graphics you can choose from that are suitable for different purposes, such as holidays or promotional events.

With the P•ink configurator also, you can edit directly in our website the design of your cap, adding texts, uploading images and editing them all.

Customization crown caps with P•ink digital printing: possibility of wide range of colors

Adding special finishes

The other plus of Pelliconi’s P•ink is the opportunity to add different finishes and effects to the crown caps, which is another way for companies to express their brand personality.

You can choose between the following options:

  • Tactile effect – Adding an embossed or debossed effect gives three-dimensionality to the cap’s customization, perceptible both to the eye, thanks to the play on light, and to the touch
  • Matte/glossy finish – A pleasant effect thanks to the contrast between the glossy and matte finishes that help define the decorative design better
  • Multiple versions of the same graphics – Possibility to use different variations from cap to cap even with the same graphics, by entering the type of beer, changing the colors, the negative image, and more
  • Puzzle or collectible – Creation of graphics that give life to puzzle pieces or collectible caps, a way to create engagement with the consumer.

Reduced delivery times

The wide variety of colors, finishes, and graphics is perfectly combined with the reduced production and delivery times that only digital printing can guarantee.

Pelliconi’s P•ink digital printing service ensures delivery within just 4 weeks from when the order is placed on the site.

To ensure maximum control in the design and order phase, a 3D rendering system has been developed. It allows you to view the customized cap on the site, staying true to reality as much as possible.

You can see the finished cap with all the customization changes before you submit the order, ensuring maximum adherence to the product you will receive.

Customization crown caps with P•ink digital printing: reduced delivery times

Accessible to small businesses

Flexibility in terms of quantities and customization makes it possible for even small brands – wine or beer producers – to access Pelliconi’s high-quality service thanks to their new P•ink digital printing service.

For the first time, all types of companies can depend on a market leader and point of reference for large multinational companies. In fact, Pelliconi has always been synonymous with reliability, innovation, and experience, no matter the task at hand.

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