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How does P•ink’s cap customization work? Here are all the answers you were looking for

Cap customization: all the answer you are looking for

P•ink’s crown cap and label customization service gives you lots of flexibility and graphic freedom and sharp, bright, and nuanced colors thanks to Pelliconi’s digital printing technology. All of your orders can be conveniently made online with the help of P•ink’s dedicated consultancy service, making P•ink a novelty in the customization of caps for beer, wine, and other beverages.

But how does P•ink technically make a customized cap? In this article, we answer all your questions and doubts regarding the graphics.

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P•ink’s main graphic features for customization

In the P•ink shop, you can conveniently customize the caps for your bottles of beer, wine, cider, or sparkling wines online, thanks to the intuitive and practical configurator.

Once you have chosen the product you want from the shop, click on the “customize” button and you will be directed to the configurator where you can proceed with the actual graphic customization independently.

If you need support during the customization process, you can ask our team of experts for graphic advice, and they will follow you step by step.

What can I print on the cap and what result will I get?

The digital printing technology patented by Pelliconi and implemented with P•ink allows you to have an almost infinite choice in the graphics you can apply, from simple monochromatic texts to a more complex logo.

Be inspired by what P•ink can do for you and let your imagination run wild thanks to:

  • Color nuances
  • A free layout of the text and images
  • Glossy and matte finishes
  • Tactile and visual embossed or debossed effects
Cap customization: how many graphics can i print?

How many graphics can I print?

Thanks to P•ink’s ad hoc service and its patented digital printing technology, you can apply multiple graphics to your caps within the same order. This further enriches P•ink’s offer by allowing for detailed cap customization, optimizing costs and the production process and creating unique caps.

Through the Special Requests form, you will have access to two different options:

  • Multi Base – This option allows you to order caps with different base colors, from the 8 colors available. Then you can put your own logo or graphics on them, without having to make several choices within the same order.

    Using the form on the “Special Requests” page, simply choose the number of caps and the base color then attach your own customized graphics to get multiple colored caps. They will help you differentiate your drinks, giving each one a distinctive identity and appearance.

  • Multi Art – This option offers you the possibility to reproduce different graphics on caps with the same base color and also eliminates the need to do multiple configurations.

    In this case, in the “Special Requests” form, all you need to do is choose a base color and upload as many graphics as you want to create your caps.

I want to use my Pantone. Can I do this on P•ink?

If your graphics have your brand’s Pantone colors or special chromatic effects and you want to make sure they are reproduced with precision, you can place your order using the Special Requests form.

In these cases, the Pantone will be sent to the printer in its four-color version, then broken down into CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black). In this way, the printer can faithfully reproduce any color.

As always, our team will evaluate the print quality and will do everything possible to fulfill your request, or propose the best alternative in terms of the final result.

With P•ink digital printing customized your crown caps used your Pantone

Which part of the cap is customized?

With P•ink’s digital printing, it is possible to customize only the top part of the cap (not the sides). This means that the base color chosen from the 8 available in the configurator will be visible on the sides.

How do I understand the print size?

Keeping in mind that the printing takes place only on the top of the cap, you should consider the following dimensions:

  • 26 mm crown cap – On the 26 mm diameter the print area corresponds to about 24.5 mm
  • 29 mm crown cap – On the 29 mm diameter the print area corresponds to about 27.5 mm

What type of graphics file is supported on P•ink?

You can upload image files in vector format, jpeg, and png to the configurator to be printed on your caps. The vector format is by far the best when it is available, because the quality characteristics remain unchanged even when resized.

If you only have the jpeg or png format (for example, in the case of photos) we recommend that you make sure that it is of high quality for optimal rendering.

How can I tell if my graphic file is of good quality?

To find out if your graphic file is of quality, in addition to making sure that it is in vector format, you must make sure that it has a minimum resolution of 600 dpi and that each element is the size of no less than 0.5 mm.

In fact, below this threshold, the graphic element risks not being clear enough to appreciate the details. If you have any doubts, we recommend that you ask our graphic support for assistance before proceeding with your order.

Can I use any image when printing with P•ink?

Pelliconi’s patented technology allows you to print virtually any image on the crown caps, so it is technically possible to use any image.

However, our team will always evaluate the final result on the cap and will propose any changes and improvements when necessary (for example, in case of poor visibility of the graphics on the base color you choose for the cap).

We also invite you to make sure you have the right to use all the images you want to print. Any copyright infringement is your responsibility.

Graphic design consultationI have doubts about my graphics and the possible rendering, what should I do?

Any doubts about the configurator, the image quality, and the final printing can be resolved by asking for P•ink’s Graphic Support. By writing to us, via the form or WhatsApp, we can:

  • Check your graphics from a technical point of view
  • Fix any technical errors with your graphic
  • Offer you improvements or more functional alternatives

Any changes you report are only possible before the order goes into production. However, if we see that the graphic file you have supplied is not of sufficient quality, we will not start production without contacting you first. So you don’t have to worry about receiving caps with bad quality prints.

How graphic customization is achieved with P•ink

What happens once your P•ink order has been completed? Let’s look at how the work proceeds from production to shipment.

How is my graphic printed?

The software used for the digital processing of the graphics to be sent for printing (RIP) proceeds by decomposing the CMYK four-color image. Each of the four colors is assigned to a printhead which, working in combination with each other, contributes to recomposing the image, based on the color for the top part of the cap.

White is the only color always present under each color as a print base.

In addition to the printheads for the colors, there is also a printhead that applies the “varnish”, that is, the transparent finish over the printed part, to guarantee the protection of the graphics and greater durability.

Once printed, how is the cap processed?

The last step is the visual inspection of each cap via an inspection camera. After the inspection, any caps with defects are discarded.

How are the embossed/debossed effects achieved?

The particular embossed or debossed effects are present, and more or less prominent, on all caps customized with P•ink’s technology because it is obtained from the difference between:

  • The layers of color (which necessarily create reliefs) in the points where the printed graphics are present
  • The points where there are gaps, and therefore have no graphics

The embossed or debossed effects are perceptible both on a tactile and visual level due to the play of light and shadows they create.

P•ink digital printing and caps customization: packaging for shipping

How are the caps packed for shipping?

We take the utmost care in the preparation and packaging of your caps. As for the food compliance aspect, we pack the caps in plastic bags so that they do not come into direct contact with the box.

To prevent the caps from being damaged during transport, we choose boxes of the appropriate size based on the number of pieces ordered to make sure the caps aren’t moving around inside the box and getting scratched.

What is the difference between P•ink’s digital printing and offset printing?

Your P•ink caps will be customized with the innovative digital printing technology patented by Pelliconi. Unlike offset printing, digital printing ensures:

  • More than half of the production time
  • No start-up costs (there is no matrix)
  • Cost independent of the number of colors present in the print graphics
  • The particular embossed/debossed effects of the graphics created on the caps
Customized your crown caps with P•ink digital printing


P•ink’s technological innovation in the world of crown cap customization has exponentially expanded the creative possibilities available to small and large beer, wine, and beverages producers.

All this is accompanied by extreme quality, reliability, and experience, the values that characterize Pelliconi, which you can also find in P•ink.

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