Customize your packaging

Create a different cap for each type of beer or drink you produce, match the label to your caps and give your brand a strong image!
Are you organizing an event? Do you want to celebrate a holiday or the arrival of a season? Create caps for this occasion, the details make all the difference!
What are you waiting for? We are here to shape your projects!

With P•ink you can choose the right customization for you

Flexibility is the keyword of our service:
∙ You can order from very small quantities to very large batches
∙ You can choose different graphics for the crown caps in a single order
∙ Receive your order in just 3 weeks
Take advantage of our free graphic consultation!

We would like to present Multi Art and Multi Base, our two ad hoc services for multiple configurations.

What is the difference?

The Multi Art service is perfect for those who want to print different graphics on the same base color for all the caps.
With the Multi Base service, you can print the same graphic on caps with different base colors.
Want to customize your caps with the same base but different graphics?

Chose The Multi Art Services

How do you do it?
Send us your request in the form below by following these steps:
Indicate the number of caps you want to order
Choose one base color for all the caps among the 8 available colors
Send us all the graphics you want to apply. By requesting more graphics in a single order, you also save on the price!

Do you want to use your Pantone color as a base?
With the Multi Art service, you can also recreate the same color on the top of the cap (knurled edge excluded) and print different graphics on it.

Want to customize your caps with the same graphics but with a different color base?

Choose The Multi Base Services

How do you do it?
Send us your request in the form below by following these steps:
Indicate the number of caps you want to order
Choose the base colors of the caps among the 8 available colors
Send us the graphics to get a quotation for customized caps with more than one color
The Multi Art and Multi Base options can also be combined to create many basic cap colors with different graphics.
In both cases, you will receive your customized caps divided by color and packed in protective bags and then in FSC-certified corrugated cardboard boxes.
Not sure which option to choose? Read our FAQ or contact us to request our graphic consultation!

Print your caps with multiple graphics for the price of one! Check out our promotion

On P•ink there is no limit to creativity. We can print your caps with 4, 5, or 6 different graphics, and up to 8 different base cap colors!
And there is good news: if your order exceeds certain quantities, we will give you the second and third graphics (or the second and third base cap colors) for free!
Want an example?
For an order of 50,000 caps with a black base, you can make 20,000 with one graphic and 30,000 with another, and we will give you the second graphic for free!
Take advantage of our promotion to surprise your customers with a truly unique product!

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Tell your story

When a consumer makes a purchase, he chooses the brand that can tell
a story and send a message that makes him feel involved. Packaging customization
is an opportunity for small and big businesses to get noticed and retain
consumers who identify with the brand’s values and story.

Build an authentic and strong brand identity

That's what makes the difference. And, in the case of the production of craft beer or drinks more generally, it coincides a lot with the visual identity. Packaging represents a “palette” for the brand, where the design of elements such as labels and caps help build a strong and recognizable brand identity.

Some frequently asked questions about P • ink’s Multi Base and Multi Art services…

What do you need to start?

Just follow the steps above. The ideal would be to send us your graphics in high definition (or better, vectors), but .jpg and .png formats work, too.

I only have one logo; can you put it on different colors?

Sure! Send us your logo indicating the colors you would like to put it on. Our graphic support team will take care of reworking it and realizing your request in the best possible way.

What colors are available for the base of the cap?

The colors for the base of the cap vary according to the materials used for the inside of the cap (liner or compound) or according to the cap chosen (pry-off or twist-off). Go to the shop and select the product you are interested in; from here, you will see all the basic colors available for that product.

Can I use my Pantone color?

This is a particular request that we evaluate from time to time, and only for certain quantities. Contact us here, and we will reply to your request as soon as possible.

If you want different base colors from those available, use the Multi Art option. You can choose a “neutral” base cap and apply a background color on the top of the cap that corresponds to the Pantone colors you want. Our graphic department will be able to advise you on the best solution based on your requests!

How can I get the dedicated prices for Multi Art & Multi Base?

Prices for these services are not available on the site. Contact us here and we will tell you the price of the order based on your requests.