Make your wine bottle special by adding a customized 29mm crown cork by P•ink

Customized crown cork for special wine bottles with P•ink printing

29mm crown caps provide an optimal closure for wine bottles. Tradition still favors the cork stopper for the sales phase, but in reality, it is the crown cap that guarantees the maintenance of the wine’s authentic taste and more persistent bubbles, without the risk of contamination by the cork.

Large wine producers choose crown caps for their bottles for this very reason, skipping the disgorgement phase for fermented wines or choosing the 29 mm crown cap for still wines.

Above all, choosing the crown cap for wine bottles offers advantages in terms of communication. These highly customizable closures – inserted within a brand strategy – allow you to emphasize your identity and values.

Creating a customized crown cap improves the consumer experience

The cap as part of the consumer experience

In the decision-making phase, packaging plays an important role in the beverage sector, and this is all the more true for wine because the consumer wants to be engaged in the brand, the product and its storytelling.

Drinking a good glass of wine is an experience that must be accompanied by aesthetic aspects and what the packaging itself is able to convey. In fact, the irrational aspects are the predominant part in the purchase phase.

Attention has also shifted to the aesthetic elements of the packaging: from the bottle to the label, and the cap. Their design must illustrate the product and the story of the brand to reflect the wine’s character.

The plus given by the refinement of the wine must also be expressed through these elements.

The 29 mm crown cap can be customized with sophisticated designs to create a unique style consistent with the history of the wine producer, and the two most used methods are offset printing and digital printing.

Offset printing for the customization of crown caps

Customizing 29 mm caps with offset printing technology is a process that guarantees excellent performance and quality prints but has some limitations:

  • Very large quantities to reduce start-up costs
  • Longer production times
  • Reduced flexibility regarding the variation of designs in the same order

Due to these characteristics, offset printing is used exclusively by multinational brands that need mass production.

Customize your crown caps with P•ink digital printing

Digital printing for the customization of crown caps

The digital printing used on crown caps is a recent innovation that has made customization an aspect absolutely within reach of all wine producers, from small to large.

This is because unlike offset printing:

  • It is cost-effective even on very small batches
  • It has reduced production times
  • It allows you to change the design even in the same order with a great flexibility

Digital printing is a customization method that lends itself to serving small wine producers and large brands looking for more flexibility and variety.

Pelliconi launches P•ink: the digital printing service for 29 mm caps

Pelliconi is one of the major players on the market in the production and marketing of caps and has always served the major brands in the sector.

Innovation, research, and quality are the founding values on which it has based its entire history to date, and these values have inspired P•ink, the new crown cap customization service.

With this new, more flexible, and accessible tool, Pelliconi also puts itself at the service of small craft wine producers and niche labels, offering them all the know-how gathered over years of experience with the largest companies in the sector.

P•ink is an agile and totally self-managed online service on the dedicated website, through which the client company can customize the numerous aspects of the crown cap before proceeding with the order.

Here are all the premium services in detail that clients benefit from when using P•ink.

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1. Wide range of colors

The first aspect that distinguishes the P•Ink customization service is the wide range of varied colors with an absolutely vivid yield. This means that it is possible to reproduce any graphic on the cap without limitations on the number of colors.

Color has become an element of differentiation and branding that is completely manageable by the company, and their creative possibilities will not be limited. The possibility to choose from an infinite range of basic colors for the crown caps extends the color combinations even more.

2. Endless customization possibilities

The lack of limitations in terms of types and the number of colors makes P•ink digital printing a customization service with numerous creative solutions.

On the cap, the following can be realized:

  • Logos with shades of color
  • Monochrome graphics
  • Multicolored graphics
  • Artistic images
  • Photos

Digital printing guarantees optimal graphic rendering, regardless of how elaborate the chosen design is.

It is also possible to make changes in the graphic design even within the same order, for example, by creating crown corks with different colors based on the type of wine, the year of production, or if intended for special occasions.

For those who want to be inspired, many graphics already created and ready for use will also be available on the site.

Moreover, thanks to the P•ink configurator, it is also possible to modify your cap’s design directly on our site!

Customized crown cap: with P•ink service there are endless possibilities for customization and creating special effects

3. Special effects

To make the wine bottle more unique and even more representative of the character of both the product and the wine cellar, it will also be possible to add special effects to the crown cork, such as:

  • Tactile effect: To give the cap a tactile as well as visual perception, it is possible to add an embossed or debossed effect to the graphics

  • Matte/glossy finish: To play with the effects of light and give more character to the cap, it is possible to create different parts, applying a matte finish in contrast with the shiny parts

  • Multiple versions of the same graphics: As with the colors, the special effects can also be combined differently to characterize the crown cork depending on the occasion of use or the type of wine.

4. 3D visualization of the cap

The most distinguishing feature of Pelliconi’s P•ink service is the total control you are given during the cap customization phase, giving you a 360-degree view of what is being designed.

You will be able to add text, images, and save your designs to edit them later or use them for future orders.

The configurator allows you to produce an absolutely realistic 3D visualization and is faithful to the final result, guaranteeing a result that adheres to your expectations.

For absolute peace of mind, Pelliconi carries out a manual check of what has been designed to report any critical issues and avoid unpleasant surprises at the time of delivery.

5. Delivery in just 3 weeks

The freedom to customize all aspects of the cap, and the ability to create different graphics even within the same order, is accompanied by reduced production and shipping times, especially when compared to offset printing.

With the P•ink service, Pelliconi guarantees delivery within just 3 weeks from the moment the order is confirmed.

Such short times make the process of customizing crown caps flexible. And this process was previously inaccessible to small wine producers due to costs and timing.

P•ink digital printing service is a fast and innovative service for your business

P•ink by Pelliconi puts experience and innovation at your service

For the first time, a service like P•ink makes it possible for everyone – large and small wine producers – to benefit from Pelliconi’s know-how and at the same time be able to manage an important phase such as the customization of crown corks in total autonomy.

Choosing to rely on Pelliconi’s P•ink for the customization of 29 mm crown caps means having the guarantee of relying on a leading partner in the sector that is synonymous with:

  • Seriousness
  • Quality
  • Prestige

Research and innovation are also the values that have distinguished Pelliconi from the beginning. And these values have allowed it to establish itself and continue to remain one of the most important players on the market.

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