P•ink: why is it the ultimate solution for beer bottle caps printing?

Beer bottle caps printing: the ultimate solution

Pelliconi, dedicated to the search for innovative solutions to meet and anticipate the needs of its customers since 1939, created P•ink, a customization service to personalize bottle caps and labels.

P•ink was created to offer everyone, from big players to artisanal producers in the beer, wine, and beverage industries, the opportunity to order their own personalized crown caps and labels, counting on a solid partner known for its quality and reliability. This is possible thanks to a new technology developed and patented by Pelliconi, combined with an online shop, manageable in total autonomy, which gives customers the possibility to create and order customized caps from very small to medium/large batches with flexibility and optimal production times.

Let’s take a closer look at P•ink.

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What is P•ink digital printing service by Pelliconi?

P•ink is the digital printing service developed and patented by Pelliconi for the customization of metal crown caps. This is the first time this technology has been used on metal, and it guarantees fast and high-quality printing results thanks to its graphic rendering and customization possibilities.

Among these advantages, the most important are:

  • Speed
  • Low costs
  • Efficiently applicable on small and large batches
  • Great flexibility and beautiful graphics

So let’s take a look at how Pelliconi has decided to use this digital printing technology to give life to the P•ink service.

What you can customize with P•ink digital printing service

In the P•ink shop, it is possible to order and customize both the crown caps and the labels for your bottles.

The variety of formats and customization options available mean that the creative possibilities are endless to meet the needs of any occasion and use.

Digital printing: personalization beer bottle caps

Customized beer bottling caps

The following two customizable crown cap formats available on the P•ink site are the most popular for glass bottles of beer, wine, cider, or other still or carbonated drinks:

  • 26 mm crown cap: great classic, typically used on 33 cl bottles
  • 29mm crown cap: the largest diameter typically used on 50 or 75 cl bottles

Both sizes allow you to choose the compound (PVC Free or Oxygen Scavenger), the base color of the cap, and the graphics you would like to print on the cap’s ceiling as we will see later. The caps, made of 50% recycled tin-free steel with a chromed band, are the same ones made by Pelliconi for the major international producers of beer and beverages. You can also find them as anonymous caps at the best shops or online stores for breweries.

Customized label

Thanks to the many customization possibilities our labels can be adapted to any need and bottle. In fact, according to the format of the bottle, you can choose between the following formats:

  • 33 cl
  • 50 cl
  • 75 cl

And you can combine the following labels:

  • Wrapped-around
  • Front and back
  • Front only

Their shape (square or rectangular) and the type of backing paper are also customizable. Those using the automatic application can also choose the wrapping direction and the diameter of the label at the time of purchase.

P•ink digital printing: beer bottle caps and label personalization

Why P•ink customization service is a great solution: 5 unique features

The features that make P•ink digital printing unique are the result of actively listening to the needs of the market and a continuous drive towards technological innovation.

Below we have summarized the 5 characteristics that best define and distinguish P•ink.

1. Choice of a wide range of colors, shades, and variety of graphics

The first step to print you customized crown cap is to choose between the 8 different base colors. After that you can use the all range of colors to print on the cap ceiling. In this way you can realize any creative idea.

And if the color you would like to have is not available, just choose a base color (such as white or black, or silver or gold) and create a “full-field” graphic of the desired color on the top of the cap (feature available inside the P•ink shop configurator).

Digital printing also allows you to obtain very well-defined image quality and overcome the logic of the number of colors per print, also creating images with high definition shades of colors.

Another great opportunity that P•ink offer is to create not one but many graphics for your crown caps in the same order, optimizing costs thanks to the Special Requests service. Therefore, the customization possibilities for your brewery, winery, or company’s bottle caps have become even broader and can be enclosed in 2 types of orders:

Multi Base

With this option, it is possible to order caps with different base colors, chosen from the 8 available colors, on which you can display your logo or favorite graphic.

To do this, simply fill in the form on the “Special Requests” page to get a personalized quote based on the number and the base caps chosen and the quantities requested. In the same request, you can upload caps and send the graphics for customized caps with multiple colors to get feedback from our graphic experts.

In the meantime, if you want to see a preview of how your Multi Base caps could be, use the configurator, upload your graphics and jump from one base color to another to get a preview of the possible result.

This solution is ideal for giving each product a different character and differentiating it while creating a strong brand image.

The caps will be shipped divided by color, but you can also request to mix the colors to generate a creative effect that will be admired at each uncapping.

Perhaps you want your caps to be a different color but that color is not present? No problem, you can reproduce the same effect using Multi Art and applying a custom background color thanks to the full-field decoration of the cap surface.

P•ink digital printing: element of personalization

Multi Art

With this option, it is possible to create different graphics on caps with the same base color, without having to perform multiple configurations and optimizing production costs.

By choosing a unique base color and providing multiple graphics to apply to it, the production process will be more scalable, allowing you to obtain multiple graphics in the same order at a price never seen before in the market. The result is truly impactful and the creative opportunities are endless.

Also, in this case, to access the service just send us a request by filling out the form on the “Special requests” page and obtain a personalized quote based on the number of graphics and quantity for each.

To take a look at the preview or evaluate how many/which graphics you would like to print, use the configurator, load the graphics, and save them to go back to them whenever you want.

With this tool, it is also possible to get different colored caps using the same base cap: you upload your own graphics and apply a customized “background color” in the configurator by choosing from the RAL color range, and it will be applied to the full field of the cap’s surface. By saving the graphics you can analyze and compare the results obtained, and admire the combinations.

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2. Crown caps with unique printing effects

With P•ink it is also possible to obtain a series of visual and tactile effects on your caps, thanks to the digital printing technology used, which, depending on the graphics applied and the combination of colors, can give the cap:

  • Shades and 3D color effects
  • Total freedom with the arrangement of the text
  • Matt/Lucid effect
  • An embossed or debossed tactile and visual effect
P•ink digital printing: unique design for your beer bottle caps and label

3. Orders starting from very small batches

One of the greatest advantages of digital printing is being able to even carry out very small orders and having great flexibility in terms of graphics. On the P•ink site, you can place orders starting from a minimum of 50 pieces. In the case of the field of beer bottle cap production, translates into a better ability to customize as well as the possibility of optimizing space in the warehouse without having to accumulate large quantities of caps with a single order. On the website, you can see the batches available and check the related prices, up to even more than 100.000 caps.

4. Production and delivery times reduced to a minimum

The revolution of P•ink in the world of customized label and beer bottle cap printing also concerns production and delivery times. Once the order is successfully concluded, production will take place in less than 3 weeks, unthinkable timing before the P•ink digital printing service.

The shipment, therefore, takes place immediately after production. Times and costs vary depending on the volume of the order and the place of delivery, but it can take from a few days for Italy (country of production) and Europe to 1 or 2 weeks for the rest of the globe (you can find all the shipping options here). As with any international shipment, customs costs may apply in some cases.

5. Graphic consultancy and assistance

To offer a complete and exhaustive service, the P•ink team is also made up of expert graphic designers ready to assist you in solving problems or doubts during the configuration phase. Moreover, they offer their professionalism to create your graphics for crown caps and/or labels from scratch.

You can access this service conveniently by requesting a graphic consultation.

How to customize caps and labels on the P•ink website

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, P•ink is a cap and label customization service that can be managed online through its dedicated shop, designed to be easily accessible by anyone independently. Nevertheless, Pelliconi’s team, leading experts in metal closures for the beverage sector for over 80 years, is available to support requests and orders. This is a real novelty as regards the production and customization of caps, and in a single service, it is possible to order the labels as well.

Creating a unique bottle on P•ink is possible in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Choose the product you want to customize

In the P•ink shop, choose the product you want to configure between caps and labels.

By choosing a 26 mm or 29 mm crown caps you can configure:

  1. The base color of the cap
  2. The quantity of caps, starting from a minimum of 50 up to more than 150,000, but even higher by contacting us directly
  3. The compound material (PVC free or Oxygen Scavenger, which are both suitable for contact with food)

By choosing a label you can configure:

  1. The format of the label
  2. The material of the label (Coated Barrier or White Polypropylene)
  3. The quantity of the labels
  4. The label finish (glossy or matte)
  5. The method of application that will be used (manual or automatic). If automatic, you can choose the wrapping direction and the diameter of the label.

In both configurations, once the various items have been defined, the final price of the P•ink customization service will be visible.

Beer bottle caps personalization digital printing

Step 2: Let your imagination run wild with graphic customization

By clicking on the customize button present in the configuration phase, you will be directed to the step dedicated to the actual creative customization of your cap or label.

Here it will be possible to apply all the graphic effects we talked about above – playing with shapes, texts, colors, and shades – always having a 3D overview of the final result in front of you.

If you choose to use your own graphics, the uploadable formats are:

  • Vector (.ai e .pdf)
  • Raster (.jpeg/.png/.tiff)

For optimal performance, the image resolution must not be less than 600 dpi, with details larger than 0.5 mm for perfect, sharp graphics.

Once you have created your custom graphics, proceed to add the product to the cart and you will have reached the last step.

Digital printing: steps for personalize your beer bottle caps and label

Step 3: Confirm the order and receive your P•ink caps

During the checkout phase, you will be asked for your personal data, payment, and shipping address. Once the latter has been entered, the price will update accordingly based on the place of delivery and the type of shipment chosen (Base or Express).

Your caps and labels will be carefully packed in protective bags and then in FSC-certified corrugated cardboard boxes, of which almost 50% is of recycled origin. For orders of large quantities, pallets will also be used.


With P•ink, a new era has begun regarding the customization of beverage packaging. The possibilities, times, and costs have changed, and above all, how this important phase is carried out and managed. It now consists of a leaner and more immediate customer-supplier relationship in which quality, reliability, and precision remain at the highest levels ever. The ones Pelliconi has always guaranteed.

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